Construction Documents



Construction Documents include building plans, construction specifications, contracts and other supporting documents related to construction.  Saemisch + Di Bella provides this service to our clients so they can be assured that all aspects of the facility are constructed according to plan.


These documents provide comprehensive instructions that outline all the associated details related to a project so that the builder can construct the facility based on the client’s needs and desires.  Saemisch + Di Bella will perform a code review, a process which ensures all aspects of construction comply with existing building codes as required for city approval.


Every detail is included in the building plan from power outlets to finish selections, which ensures that the final project lives up precisely to owner expectations.  Construction specifications are a written part of the contract which outline the materials that should be used in construction, how to deal with potential issues and when the project needs to be completed.


Once the construction document process is complete, we will take care of government submittals needed to obtain the required permits.  If desired by a project owner, we can assist in the bidding process, answering any questions contractors may have and/or providing clarifications and addenda as required.


Communication and a detailed construction document process are key to a fluid and efficient construction project.  At Saemisch + Di Bella, we know how important it is to get the details right and we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients.


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