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The team at Saemisch + Di Bella understands the importance of leading our clients through all stages of the building process.  The construction phase of a project can be the most challenging and unpredictable.   We work with our clients to ensure progress, consistency, compliance and ultimately the successful completion of each and every project.

We can offer the following construction administration services to our clients:


Construction Document Compliance
During construction, we monitor progress to ensure the work is in compliance with the initial design specifications.


Scheduling Compliance
We make sure the project stays on schedule and we will inform the owner of any unforeseen delays or setbacks.

Field Observation and Reports
Through regular site visits, we ensure that the project is proceeding as it should, according to contract documents.  The owner will receive reports after each site visit that outline the progress and quality of the work and any potential problems.

Shop Drawings Review
Drawings prepared by the contractor are reviewed for compliance and to make sure the project is completed in accordance with the design intent.

Building Close-Out and Final Punch-List
Near the end of the building process, we will administer the close-out process for our clients, which moves the project through to final completion and ultimately certificate of occupancy.  We perform a final inspection and keep track of any items that are incomplete or incorrect, commonly referred to as a punch-list.


Post Occupancy Evaluation
After the project is complete, we can do a post occupancy evaluation to ensure that the actual end product is in line with owner expectations and values.


We know how important it is for our clients to achieve their vision and meet their goals.  Our knowledge and industry experience allows us to tackle the construction process with our clients’ best interests in mind.



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