Sustainable Design



At Saemisch + Di Bella Architects, sustainability isn’t just a trend – it’s core to who we are.  As architects, we understand the impact that construction has on the local community and the environment as a whole.  We are committed to making responsible choices today so that future generations can thrive.


When it comes to sustainability, our mission is simple.  We strive to meet our clients’ needs and represent their best interests while designing architectural solutions that produce a positive impact on the community, with minimal impact on the environment.


How do we do this?  It starts early in the planning process.  We work closely with clients to define their needs and determine what solutions are available to achieve an efficient and low-impact result.  During the site selection process, we can help clients choose a site that is both practical and sustainable.  Environmental factors and site constraints such as shade, building layout and material selection are given special attention, as they can directly affect how a building interacts with the environment.  Finally, we work alongside our engineering consultants to ensure the building’s electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems are designed as efficiently as possible.


Saemisch + Di Bella applies the concept of “green” design to every project.  In addition to our approach to sustainable design, we can go one step further and obtain LEED certification for the project, if desired.  Or, we can simply apply LEED concepts to site and building designs.


Balancing client goals and expectations with smart, sustainable design is what we do every day at Saemisch + Di Bella Architects.  We pride ourselves on creating unique and meaningful designs that make a positive contribution to the environment.



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