Partners in Recovery


Project Description

Great care was taken in the design of this adaptive reuse project to create a sense of place in this building that breaks the mold of what might be traditionally expected and which instead promotes recovery to the highest degree possible. Individuals walking into the lobby of the building are struck by a feeling of spaciousness. With high ceilings, finished floor surfaces of ground and polished concrete, a recipient-operated snack shop, computer bank, comfortable chairs and seating areas, the lobby feels open and welcoming to people for whom “mental health treatment” has not always been an engaging experience. Strolling through the facility, clients are presented with gentle curves and the absence of lines and rigidity in the design throughout the building. \"Dr. Seuss-like\" walls provide a playful touch and architectural design emphasis, forever banishing any \"institutional\" characteristics that are traditionally associated with these types of healing spaces. Interior lighting is enhanced by skylights and block glass windows that allow natural light to stream into the large, open team rooms where case managers, job coaches, nursing and peer supports work together to support recipients. Open team areas, each housing up to 12 staff, are the platform for recovery partnerships and coordination of care. Teams talk, share notes, huddle together in these spaces to support a recipient with an urgent need, and are immediately available when recipients complete a session with their prescriber. Partners In Recovery uses peer employees strategically to serve as welcoming ambassadors in the lobby and to manage the flow of recipients throughout the building as they meet with their doctor or wait to see a case manager. The Partners In Recovery East Valley Campus was designed to breathe recovery principles into bricks and mortar and support client care throughout the entire facility.



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